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Denise is an ancient soul and a Piscean master here to help dismantle the old paradigms and make room for more stable and sustainable platforms.  She is the embodiment of compassion and wisdom as a bridge between two very diverse worlds.


Denise has spent years acquiring knowledge and experiences, putting key aspects into practice that are relevant to this profound shift.  She studied Medieval and Renaissance history here in the U.S. and at Oxford.  She has taught geography, 20th Century history, simplicity, and strategic marketing to business students, conference professionals, and trade-show executives. She is from an entrepreneurial family and has owned her own businesses since her early 20’s.  Denise was Director of Admissions for adolescents and young adults entering into therapeutic programs and became a transformational coach; a true alchemist for her clients, sharing effective tools with both children and parents.


Denise is the mother of three energetically sensitive Millennials who have taught her well.  They are now happy adults who continue to reflect the dynamic landscape of this game-changing shift.  She spent her time as a mother introducing them to the experiential gifts of this world: how to cook, keep a space clean and organized, camp, water-ski, fish, appreciate movies, play card games and - most importantly - how integrate with time and space. 


Over the last 9 years, she has built an integrational coaching practice, supporting parents as they navigate through confusion, anger, grief, blame, and sometimes denial.  She has been consuming Psycho-Educational Assessments for adolescents and young adults since 1995, observing the dominant patterns of the last decades while modernizing and enhancing them with the rise of information on the 'Energetically Sensitive'.  Currently, Denise works with multidimensional assessments, empowerment language, and resonance skills as bridging techniques for parents, mentors, and guides for current and future generations.

Specialty Areas 

Being a Parent: Embrace deep courage and discover what your child needs from you in order to grow and flourish. We can learn how to let go and step into trust with a child who may be highly sensitive, empathetic, or simply in reaction in outer expectations of being in the world. Sometimes we need the help of a translator to learn new ways of connecting and sharing clarity, grounded presence and loving attention. Often parenting issues affect all other areas of life.

Teen in Crisis:  Often a family system is rocked when a teen resists adapting into the family patterns or the collective expectations. If this escalates and results in an  out of home placement, it is the optimum time to dive deep into the adult exploration of the roles each parent plays in the stress at home. There can be a lack of understanding of the way the teen learns, their proficiency at sequencing and organization, and the various levels of overwhelm present in their child.      

Relationships: Create greater intimacy and empowered connection. Directly face and transform the dynamics of narcissism, codependence, and eradicate the victim energy.  Step beyond curiosity and learn how to relent the need for control and experience shared vulnerability.

Lifestyle Choices: Explore the meaning and impacts of personal habits, health, residential relocation, relationship and career changes, and other lifestyle choices.

Metaphysical Connections:  Learn how to find and apply the many forms of information we have used throughout time with an ancient soul and Piscean master.  Incorporate the many dimensions of being a human and the step into these changing times with skills and wisdom.  Integrate and embody joy and love.