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     integrational Coaching for those who parent

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Integrational coaching blends the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual parts of ourselves and brings them into alignment. The focus is on relationships... our relationship with self, with others, with love, with work, and with play, and bringing all of these into the present. This kind of coaching is short term, defined, and extremely powerful.  Special areas of focus include:  

  • Parenting: discovering the deep courage it takes to discover what your child needs in their learning so they can grow and flourish, and learning how to let go and step into trust with a child who may have needed additional attention from you. Learning to partner in parenting, build maturity skills in adolescents, launch young adults into independence, and moving into your own life after the children leave.
  • Relationships: getting honest about narcissism, codependence, releasing control, allowing vulnerability, and creating intimacy. 
  • Lifestyle changes: exploring relocation, changing careers, and physical health or dietary challenges such as food allergies and other food challenges into daily life.
  • Metaphysical exploration:  learning how to incorporate multidimensionality and the energy of Love and Joy into our lives.

Denise Dryden is an Integrational Coach, her background is both eclectic and intentional with mastery in educational, therapeutic, metaphysical, professional, and familial environments.  She meets her clients where they are and co-creates what wants to be explored.                                                                                                                              

Denise is a Certified Coach through ICF and Next Steps for Success.  A mother of three grown children, and an adventurer of life. ​ 

Denise Dryden  ~  Whitefish, Montana   ~   406.871.3422

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